Standard Leafing Aluminum Paste


The particle size of the leafing aluminum paste is well-distributed with bright and white appearance,it is provided with good flotation and working life,which can be provided with satisfying metallic effects for the users.


It is extensively applied for common industrial paint,marine paint,anti-rust coating and plastic color master batch.

3、Performance parameter:
Grade Nonvolatile content(%)
Average particle size
Screenanalysis (325mesh<%) Leafingvalue  (min%) Watercoverage (min cm2/g) Solvent
ZC2501 65 15 <1.0  >80 18000-26000 HA
ZC2601 66 15 <1.0  >80 18000-26000 HA
ZC2610 65 7 <1.0  >80 18000-26000 HA
ZC2612 65 8 <1.0  >80 18000-26000 HA

HA:high boiling point aromatic solvent


25 kg iron drum outside with plastic bag inside

5、Application Pictures

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